New Pools

2011 09 24 09.55.20Here at Aqua-Clear Pools & Spas, we clearly understand that each and every family that wishes to own an in-ground swimming pool will have budget guidelines that they need to stay within. We not only understand this; we also respect this - and consider no job too small or too large.

Since this is the case, we offer two (2) quality brand name in-ground vinyl pools. Each brand pool is installed with Aqua-Clear’s high quality installation methods and techniques! Therefore, the major determining factors that enable us to offer you two (2) levels of pricing on most of our in-ground vinyl pools are the manufacturer’s warranties, the structural quality of the material package, and the amount of bracing included on the pool per the manufacturer’s design.

To enlighten you about the construction methods and practices we utilize to build your new in-ground swimming pool, you’ll need to simply have an open mind and use just an ounce or two of your common sense. What we do is far from rocket science, but much of what we do for you takes skilled, experienced professionals to ensure we provide you the quality you deserve in your new pool! Moreover, much of what we do as a standard practice in the installation of an in-ground vinyl pool far exceeds normal practices of our competitors and all our industry’s standards. Knowing this like we do, we are completely confident that the quality of any pool you’ll have us install for you will far exceed anything our competitors can offer you!

Specifically regarding our in-ground vinyl lined pool construction methods, we differ in a couple of ways. First, we are committed to delivering the highest quality possible on every in-ground vinyl lined pool we install and have committed ourselves to utilizing various installation methods that easily distinguish us from our competitors. Secondly, while we truly stand-out from our competitors with regards to how we can tackle highly customized in-ground pool projects, our standardized installation practices deliver superior pools even on very basic pool designs. Finally, we do not cut corners in how we go about installing your new in-ground pool project.

To elaborate just a bit, we incorporate into every in-ground vinyl lined pool we install a quality, hand-finished, smooth concrete floor. This fact alone separates us, by far, from our competition! Installers of vinyl lined pools that adhere to this level of construction are, at best, scattered across our nation. Only the finest, premium quality builders are willing to employ such materials, methods, and workmanship.